Listen: Christina Aguilera on loveable ‘I Hate Boys’

05.18.10 9 years ago 7 Comments

“I Hate Boys,” a new, bubblegum track from Christina Aguilera”s “Bionic,” has leaked out and we love it.

The singalong features a schoolyard chant that girls 5-to-50 can definitely relate to: “I hate boys/but boys love me/I think they such/and my friends agree/I hate boys.”  We especially love the part where Aguilera sings that all men are dogs and there”s actually a dog woof sound effect. Awesome. It makes us want to jump rope and sing along.

If we were RCA, we”d release this Polow da Don-produced track to radio right away and make a fun, flirty video (no leather allowed). The beats are ferocious, but in a totally pop-accessible way.

We had to laugh because Stereogum (where we originally found the song snippet) writes that “Bionic” features some “cred-boosting guests like Ladytron, Santigold and Le Tigre.” Okay, we know we really bagged on Aguilera for the desperate attempt to take on Lady GaGa in her “Not Myself Tonight” video, but we”re not so sure than an artist like Aguilera is looking to “boost her cred.”  Maybe her “indie” cred, but we”re actually starting to feel a little sorry for Chrissie-Everyone is accusing her of copying Lady GaGa, when LG wasn”t even on the scene with Christina was making her bones and now she needs “help” from artists like Ladytron, who as awesome as they are, if you ask people on the street who Ladytron is you”re probably get about 1% recognition factor. It”s downright astonishing that Aguilera managed to sell 50 million albums or so before Lady GaGa and these hipster acts came along given that she apparently can”t do anything without their help now.

Regardless,if these artists help make Christina cool again (we”re not sure that was ever the point with an artist like Christina to begin with), then we”re all for it because the trio and Christina together are solid gold.
“Bionic” is out June 8.

Listen to “I Hate Boys,” courtesy of, below.

I Hate Boys by TPBSecretLeaks

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