Listen: P Diddy’s new single, ‘Hello, Good Morning’ with T.I. and Dirty Money

03.30.10 9 years ago 2 Comments

P Diddy has unveiled, “Hello, Good Morning,” the first single from “Morning Train to Paris.” The track also features Dirty Money and T.I.

It”s a catchy tune, but mainly because parts of it remind us so much of Timbaland/Justin Timberlake”s “Carry Out,” although not quite as clever.
The song is a fairly tame take on partying. Sadly, lines like “the bitch won”t stop” seem to go out of style when it comes to hip-hop. Although by the time, Diddy states  “Bad Boy, bitch,” he sounds so 2008 and like he”s merely imitation Britney”s much more declarative “It”s Britney, bitch.”
Diddy is appearing on “American Idol” this week so we”ll get a chance to see how the track translates live, although the real win with “Hello, Good Morning” will be the scorching dance remixes that are sure to be coming.
“Last Train to Paris” leaves the station in September. Diddy has worked with a number of other top-flight producers on the set, including The-Dream, Tricky Stewart, the Neptunes and Rodney Jerkins.
Is P Diddy worth listening to again? Check out the track below and judge for yourself.

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