Oscar contender Jacki Weaver says ‘You’ve done some bad things sweetie’

12.20.10 7 years ago

Sony Classics

As the matriarch of a family with some big issues in the critically acclaimed thriller “Animal Kingdom,” Jacki Weaver has finally gotten the attention of critics and audiences outside her native Australia.  That love was validated this past week with a Golden Globe nomination for best supporting actress.  While SAG didn’t follow suit, she can take solace in the win in the same category from the National Board of Review.  Now, to celebrate Weaver’s somewhat unexpected accomplishment, U.S. distributor Sony Classics is providing Awards Campaign with five special Jacki t-shirts for HitFix users.

The t-shirts are actually white (not black) with a grayish version of the image above and Weaver’s memorable line from “Kingdom,” “You’ve done some bad things sweetie.”  (In fact, I’ve actually been sporting one on LA basketball courts for the past few months.)

To enter to win the sweepstakes, all you have to do is follow HitFix on Facebook and email your name, age and mailing address to info@hitfix.com. 

The deadline to enter is Wednesday, Dec. 22 at 4 PM PST, 7 PM EST.

To check out a sample of Weaver’s excellent work in “Kingdom” watch this scene with co-star Guy Pearce.

To hear Weaver’s signature line from the T-shirt, view this excellent trailer from the Aussie distributor.

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