The CW resurrects ‘Moonlight’… kinda

05.06.10 9 years ago 9 Comments
When CBS decided to cancel “Moonlight” in the spring of 2008, many fans felt outraged and betrayed and pushed the network to resurrect the vampire private eye drama. Two years later, “Moonlight” fans have gotten their wish, kinda.
The CW is bringing “Moonlight” back as a summer compliment to “The Vampire Diaries.” Starting on June 3, “Moonlight” will air at 9 p.m. after repeats of the freshman bloodsucking hit.
To some degree, it’s a bit of a cruel hoax. The CW hasn’t ordered new episodes of “Moonlight” or anything like that. The netlet will, however, air the 16-episode first season of the Warner Brothers Television production.
“But wait,” you’re saying if you’re a “Moonlight” fan, “Why didn’t The CW just save the show two summers ago when it could have come right over and been the network’s most watched show by a factor of two or three?”
We don’t have an answer to that question (other than cost and practical business realities).
“But wait,” you’re probably saying now if you’re a “Moonlight” fan, “If Alex’s pilot doesn’t get picked up and ‘Moonlight’ does gangbuster ratings over the summer, is there any chance The CW might order new episodes?”
Our instinctive and logical answer? “No. There isn’t any chance.”
Our emotional answer? “If you want to dream… dream.”
Series star Alex O’Loughlin is toplining CBS’ reboot of “Hawaii 5-O,” his second CBS project (R.I.P. “Three Rivers”)  since the cancellation of “Moonlight.” While the island-set police procedural is just one of many drama pilots on CBS’ development docket, folks consider a pickup to be a strong possibility.
“Moonlight” starred O’Loughlin as Mick St. John, undead crimefighter. The series, which underwent creative and cast overhauls before the pilot aired, also starred Sophia Myles, Jason Dohring and Shannyn Sossamon. Fans have long maintained that “Moonlight” simply premiered too soon, anticipating the wave of “Twilight”/”True Blood”/”Vampire Diaries” popularity and perhaps whetting appetites.
In its one season, “Moonlight” averaged just under 7.6 million viewers per airing.
This is actually becoming a bit of a CW routine. The netlet acquired encores of the two-season run of “Jericho” and gave them a 7 p.m. Sunday night berth, back when The CW still programmed Sunday nights to some degree.

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