Watch: Jake Gyllenhaal goes inside the ‘Source Code’ in new trailer

11.23.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

The trailer for “Source Code” hit the web this week and it looks like a doozy of a movie. It seems that Jake Gyllenhaal plays a kind of time astronaut who is repeatedly quantum-leaped into the body of a passenger aboard a doomed train in order to find out who bombed the thing. To put it simply: “The source code enables you to cross over into another man’s identity for the last eight minutes of his life.”  Oh boy.

Of course the doomed man he possesses happens to have a doomed beautiful girlfriend (Michelle Monaghan) on that doomed train and, well it seems things get complicated. The trailer moves quickly and seems to get all the important concepts across quickly and easily. Even the conceptual environment of Jake being “inside a computer program” looks pretty matter of fact. This is slightly worrisome.

Anyone who’s seen Duncan Jones’ amazing movie “Moon” knows that he’s got a touch for small human moments in that film that were made all the more amazing by the completely cold and sci-fi environment. The film was slow moving but it captivated you with its humor and its cool concepts. “Source Code” seems to be the polar opposite of “Moon” with lot’s of beautiful actors, big scale explosions and a breakneck pacing. We wonder if this is a good fit for Jones’ skills. Trailers have been known to mischaracterize a movie before, so the proof will be in the pudding.

Watch the trailer embedded above and let us know if this looks like a sophomore slump or a fantastic follow up to “Moon.”

“Source Code” inhabits theaters in April of 2011

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