Watch: Lil Wayne and Eminem in video for ‘Drop the World’

03.08.10 9 years ago

Before Lil Wayne hops up in his spaceship and leaves earth-or goes to prison-whichever comes first, he and Eminem settle scores in the video for Lil Wayne”s “Drop the Earth.”  The mesmerizing track is one of the best on Lil Wayne”s otherwise disappointing “Rebirth.”

The gritty clip recalls “Escape from New York” or any movie, really, where marauding gangs, perhaps seeking vigilante justice or, in some cases, just a night of wilding, take to the abandoned city streets bringing destruction with them.

Eminem stops by around the 2:10 mark and pretty much raps better here than on anything on his recent album. When Eminem talks about  feeling like the walls are closing in, I believe him every time.

It”s a grim song in a grim world. except for that weird line about the cabbage and the lettuce, but by the looks of things, the veggies don”t fare any better than the rest of us in the melee.

Watch the video below, courtesy of Tuffjamma TV. 

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