Watch: Pink wants you dirty little freaks to ‘Raise Your Glass’

11.03.10 8 years ago

Are you a dirty little freak? Dance like one? Drink like one? Sleep with one?

Pink has corralled all her favorite outcasts and her least-favorite “norms” into one hilarious and eye-raising clip for “Raise Your Glass,” the new single culled from her forthcoming “Greatest Hits… So Far!!!”

Starring as narrator Rosie the Riveter, she immediately employs gender politicking, directly before she slays a matador the same way he slays his horned combatant. But then she turns around to “milk” women in the same manner as America’s corporate farms in order to feed a calf .

There’s a handful of approaches she and director Dave Myers take on marginalized peoples (and animals), which highlight the single itself, with its Max Martin-produced studio flubs and unscripted asides that make this party track perfect in its imperfections.

From Sumo wrestling Uncle Sam, to fist-bumping gangsters from a chopper bike, to finding holiness through sex with religious figures, to literally flattening two-dimensional high school girls appalled at that second corn dog, Pink claims the underdogs as her clan as the leader of the clan. She doesn’t quite illustrate how she earns the distinction except that she can point to a decade-long history of edgy performances and willingness to become a chameleon for each.

Interestingly, it comes in the same season that Kanye West told us to raise our glasses for the “douchebags,” “assholes,” “scumbags” and “jerkoffs,” an anthem like Pink’s that celebrates more who we are less than what we aren’t. But, y’know, with more sarcasm and admiration.

Too, it comes a week after Katy Perry made her own statement about being yourself, also featuring a girl struggling with her body image. It’s sort of like Freak Flag Flying vs. “Firework,” with Pink (and Tony Hawk) getting down and ugly while Katy Perry just keeps her eyes to the sky. Do you think they’re raising their glasses the same way?

The clip certainly increased my appreciation of the song, while it gives my eyes a lot to look at and applaud. She may not pull off the “nerd” look the same way Taylor Swift does in “You Belong to Me,” but those dance moves are right on track.

“Greatest Hits… So Far!!!” is out Nov. 16.

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