Watch: ‘Robin Hood’ certainly found some merry Merry Men

05.10.10 9 years ago

I’ll have my review for Ridley Scott’s “Robin Hood” very soon, and we’ll also have a few interviews from the film for you this week, including a conversation with a loose and funny Russell Crowe that took me by surprise.

First up, though, we’ve got this conversation with The Merry Men, although I’m fairly sure they’re never called that in the movie.  This is, after all, pure prequel.  Don’t expect to see any moments you love from any Robin Hood stories.  This is a film that reinvents for the sheer sport of reinvention, and the conception of Will Scarlett (Scott Grimes), Little John (Kevin Durand), and Allan A’Dayle (Alan Doyle) plays directly into that.

There are press days that feel like punishment just because of the general tenor of the afternoon, where everyone’s so stressed and schedules are so tight that the sound of laughter during one of those interviews almost feels like a crime.  And then there are press days like the one for “Robin Hood.”  Keep in mind, this was actually the same day all the “Iron Man 2” press was going on, so if you were in the elevator, there’s a good chance you were riding up with Russell Crowe and back down with Mickey Rourke.  Very strange atmosphere anyway.

The real treat of the day, though, wasn’t the “Iron Man 2” buffet upstairs.  It was the room where they had Grimes, Durand, and Doyle tucked away doing a group interview, and anyone who walked into that room was guaranteed to walk out a few minutes later smiling.  It breaks my heart that these guys aren’t used on film the way they appear together in this interview, because if this was what we saw from Robin’s Merry Men, I think “Robin Hood” could have only been better for it.

You’ll hear a lute version of “Smoke On The Water.”  You’ll hear an original HitFix theme song written by Alan Doyle on the spot.  You’ll hear me laugh.  A lot.  Check it out:

My thanks to Universal for this one, and to Grimes, Doyle, and Durand for being such ridiculous fun in a room.  If you want to hear even more of them together, check out the Motion/Captured Podcast later today, where I’ll be featuring a raucous roundttable with them.

“Robin Hood” arrives in theaters Friday, May 14.

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