Watch: T.I.’s new video for ‘I’m Back’

04.27.10 9 years ago

T.I. is back from prison and he wants you to know he”s a changed man and that he  has a really nice set of wheels waiting for him.  Like  recent videos from Jay Z and Young Jeezy, he”s working primarily in black and white here (we don”t know what that trend is all about, but we like it.)

In the trunk are many of his worldly goods like some cash, bling and a nice watch, just waiting for him in the car, untouched while he”s been away. The backdrop is an American flag. We don”t really understand that part: the American dream is alive and well? This land was made for you and me? He supports our troops?

He drives through town as the lyrics bemoan the fakers who have come up through the ranks while he”s been doing his time. In a bit of a redemptive moment, he declares, “Think the power is in your gun, but over all it”s in your heart.” Of course, a few lines later,  he says, “Won”t be satisfied til somebody dies and I”m patient/Waiting on me and the reaper on a first name basis now.”

At the end, he leaves everything in flames (though he doesn”t lay waste to the gorgeous car… he”s not stupid). We don”t know if that”s symbolic that he”s left his past behind or as the words, “I”m just getting warmed up” scroll across the screen, he”s taking it literally, but most likely he”s  interpreting the lyrics, “Like a G, I hold it down for the town I”m at/And I flash like that/Recognize I”m back/Strike a match catch a fire.” The burning of Atlanta, part two.

In the interest of full disclosure, the video kept buffering and no matter how many times we refreshed, we couldn”t get it to run smoothly, so we”re not real sure if we grasped the concept entirely. We sure did enjoy the cameos by Elmo, Bert and Ernie though.

Look for T.I.”s new album, “King Uncaged” Aug. 17.

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