Watch: Will ‘Inception’ surprise as the summer’s biggest tearjerker?

05.10.10 9 years ago

After “The Dark Knight,” director Christopher Nolan has reached a status where every new film he makes will have a serious amount of anticipation surrounding it.  The first few teasers or his latest endeavor, “Inception,” hinted at something special, a Leonardo DiCaprio thriller that might truly leave you guessing at just what exactly is going on.  The first complete trailer, on the other hand, promises something much more.

The new preview reflects the depth of the film’s cast with Ellen Page, Cillian Murphy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and even Michael Caine helping to depict how epic an adventure in one’s mind can be.  The preview also does its best to try and explain DiCaprio’s profession, he’s a man who enters the dreams of others and steals secrets.  The reason “Inception” may be an Oscar contender, on the other hand, isn’t just because of the increasing buzz about the film, but the emotional impact DiCaprio’s storyline with co-star Marion Cotillard is rumored to have.  The Academy Award-winner doesn’t say anything in the sneak, but she’s a central part of the mystery and the preview more than hints that there could be a tearjerker element to her storyline.

And lastly, the trailer’s score ain’t half-bad either.

“Inception” opens nationwide and in IMAX on July 16.

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