Will the Wachowskis play Robin ‘Hood’ with Will Smith?

12.08.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

I’m one of the critics who went on the record to defend “Speed Racer” when the film was released a few years ago, and I am confident that the film will grow in esteem over the years.  I am very curious to see how the Wachowskis overcome the baggage that has become attached to their names, and I’m confident they can do it. 

An important step may be the production of the film “Hood,” which was just set up at Warner Bros.  Described as a “modern urban” version of the classic “Robin Hood” story, the most intriguing thing about the way the movie’s coming together is the missed opportunity that the Wachowskis appear to be revisiting here.

Did you know Will Smith was very nearly Neo opposite Sean Connery as Morpheus in “The Matrix”?  How do you feel about that as an alternate version of the movie?  Can you imagine it?

If Will Smith wants to play a modern urban Robin Hood for the Wachowskis, I think that sounds like a great match, a great team-up, and it’s exciting to think about what might result from that collaboration.  It sounds like the script is done, and with Warner Bros. coming onboard, this may come together quickly.

This is by far the most commercial thing we’ve heard the Wachowski name attached to since “Speed Racer” tanked.  They’ve been tinkering with the secret film “Cobalt Neural 9,” which has been described as a “gay Iraqi love story,” shooting test footage for the film with actors like Arianna Huffington and Jesse Ventura.  I’m very curious about that one, if only to see them return to the notion of sexual politics on film for the first time since “Bound.”  Obviously, Lana Wachowski’s voice in a picture like that is one that doesn’t really exist elsewhere in the mainstream, and I’m really curious to see if they’re able to release a film like that without the conversation around the movie becoming disgusting and juvenile.  They’re also looking to produce an adaptation of the David Mitchell novel “Cloud Atlas,” and Natalie Portman recently confirmed her own involvement in that.  They wrote the adaptation, but it looks like they’re not going to direct it, which leaves them open to jump into “Hood” sooner rather than later.

Whatever happens, I just want these guys to keep working.  They are defined for many viewers by the “Matrix” movies, but I think they’re capable of so much more, and I’m curious to see if that potential translates into something exciting.  If anyone can take a basic premise like that, one that’s certainly been tried before in various ways (“Robin and the 7 Hoods,” anyone?), and turn it into something special, it would be them.  This is one to pay attention to as it makes it was from script to screen, so expect more news on it here at HitFix in the future.

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