Beck Releases A Melancholy ‘Uneventful Days’ Video Featuring Tessa Thompson And Evan Rachel Wood

Seven-time Grammy winner Beck is gearing up for a big release. In anticipation of his forthcoming studio album Hyperspace, Beck put forth the single “Uneventful Days” and a star-studded accompanying video.

Directed by Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes, the video opens with a split-screen view of a diner over the drawn-out synths of his album opener “Hyperlife.” Tessa Thompson and Evan Rachel Wood, known for their lead roles in HBO’s Westworld, appear across from each other in a booth wearing outfits that give a nod to old eras of Beck. The camera cuts between scenes that provide a snapshot of various people’s lives. One man sits in his car crying, another is in a dimly lit office and receives an unfortunate call. The video concludes with a verbal confrontation between Tessa Thompson and Evan Rachel Wood outside the diner.

In other news, Beck’s forthcoming record will feature several songs with Pharrell. “I’d always wanted to make a record with him,” Beck said to NME. “We had been friendly over the years and had got together and talked about making some music back in 2012, but around that time he ended up putting out a song with Daft Punk, then ‘Blurred Lines’ and ‘Happy’.”

Watch Beck’s “Uneventful Days” video above.

Hyperspace is out November 22 via Capitol Records. Pre-order it here.