Blondshell Grapples With Love On Her Dramatic New Spotify Single ‘Cartoon Earthquake’

The opening line of Blondshell‘s new song “Cartoon Earthquake” is immediately painful: “You want to put me in your pocket / And take me around / But I’ll get heavy / You’ll have to put me down,” she sings dejectedly. It was released today as a Spotify Single, and it continues Sabrina Teitelbaum’s streak of powerful earworms.

“‘Cartoon Earthquake’ is about the uncertainty that comes with falling in love,” Teitelbaum said about the track. “I wanted the earthquake metaphor to be as dramatic as possible, because in real life I was trying to play it cool. The song is my version of the famously annoying internet question ‘would you still love me if I was a worm?’ but instead it’s ‘would you risk your life and jump over a crack in the ground to be with me?’”

“Cartoon Earthquake” is the LA-based, New York City-raised musician’s fourth song in total — following “Olympus,” “Kiss City,” and “Sepsis.” They were magnetic and resonant enough for her to gain traction and be named one of our must-hear emerging artists of July. Along with the release of this track, she announced her debut New York City performance, taking place at Mercury Lounge on Dec. 7.

Listen to “Cartoon Earthquake” below.