Car Seat Headrest Cancels Upcoming Tour Dates Because Of Ongoing Post-COVID Health Issues

When Car Seat Headrest canceled a Chicago-area show last month, singer Will Toledo explained that he was experiencing, “A post-COVID condition which involves heavy nausea, fatigue, dizziness, and a buzzing nervous system.” Dubbed “histamine intolerance,” the ailment had Toledo “stuck in bed” and is one of the more common side effects of Long COVID symptoms. Now it seems as though Toledo’s health has not improved, and Car Seat Headrest has canceled an upcoming West Coast Tour, as well as the band’s appearance at When We Were Young Fest in Las Vegas.

“After another month of struggling to regain my health, I am I am currently forced to face the fact that my body lacks the basic levels of functionality necessary to leave the house most days, let alone embark on a tour,” Toledo said in a Twitter post. “As a result, we are unfortunately forced to pull out of the When We Were Young Festival dates and cancel our upcoming California tour.”

The comments to Toledo’s tweet and the conversation surrounding his announcement have drawn the support of the Long COVID community. “You’re not alone, there’s millions of us suffering from Long COVID,” a reply read, “Right now, sharing our stories is the only remedy to combat the lack of treatment, awareness & support.”

Recently, guitarist Dave Navarro revealed that he is battling Long COVID, saying that he’s, “Been sick since December and supposedly will be back to my old self in… nobody knows how long.” Animal Collective cancelled their European tour citing economic reasons, but also indicating that they had previously cancelled dates because of “bad COVID infections.” The conversation surrounding Long COVID seems to be bubbling up in the music industry and is very much a real one.