Charly Bliss Will Release ‘Marble’ On Bandcamp To Help A Fan Pay For Surgery

New York power pop band Charly Bliss is planning to help out one of their most loyal fans with a new music release. The band announced that it would release “Marble,” a B-side they’ve played at concerts over the past three years, to Bandcamp, with proceeds going to help Marcy, who runs the fan account @CBpotatoes on Twitter. The account is cheekily named after a poorly-translated tweet from the band resulting in fans calling themselves “Potatoes.” The tweet also prompted an odd 2019 incident in which a fan brought a potato to one of their shows with the band name scrawled on it in marker.

Weeks later, the @CBpotatoes account had popped up to repost tweets from the band and its members, as well as posts about the band from other users on Twitter, all with that signature off-kilter humor unique to Stan Twitter and its growing fraternity of adherents. Marcy is the co-founder of the account, as well as their official fan club, according to the band’s publicist. Marcy recently decided to undergo gender confirmation surgery, so to help her pay for it, the band will donate all the proceeds from “Marble” on Bandcamp directly to her.

Throughout the year, Bandcamp itself has done its part to help artists, waiving fees and helping them to pocket $4.3 million in sales to help bolster their income while touring is blocked by COVID-19 precautions, so it’s nice to see one of those bands paying it forward. In other Charly Bliss news, the band has a live stream, It’s A Blissful Life, coming December 12. The holiday stream will include covers of classic Christmas songs, special guests, and a live discussion. You can buy tickets on their website.

You can purchase “Marble” on Friday, December 4 for $1 on Charly Bliss’s Bandcamp.

Update: This story has been updated to reflect the corrected origin of the fan club name.