Claud’s ‘Guard Down’ Is More Relatable Synth-Pop From One Of 2021’s Artists To Watch

If you’ve been following my picks for artists who just might take over the world this year, Claud is definitely on the list. Their debut album Super Monster is due out later this week, the first release on Phoebe Bridgers’ new imprint, Saddest Factory Records, via Dead Oceans. While Phoebe has been in the news this past weekend for a brilliant, somewhat ironic guitar-smashing incident, Claud’s newest track is a little more subdued. “Guard Down” addresses the feelings of fear and hesitation we all have when it comes to increasing vulnerability with someone we care about, but Claud manages to make the nerve-wracking process sound a little more sweet and gentle.

Layering crisp, simple beats and a straightforward vocal line, the feeling of the song shifts on the second verse when an AutoTuned, garbled voice takes over. If that isn’t a perfect metaphor for the ups and downs of trying to trust someone, and dealing with your own insecurities, then I don’t know what is! “Guard Down” follows up a few other previews of the record, there was the light-hearted lead-off single, “Gold,” the delightful “Cuff Your Jeans,” and the charming “Soft Spot” before this latest single. But the real magic is in hearing the whole record, which everyone will get to do when it comes out this Friday, February 12.

Check out the new track above.