Flea’s Favorite Modern Bass Player Is A Delightful Surprise

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea is one of the most esteemed and recognizable bass players of the past four decades. So, for a younger bass player, getting praise from him has to be a sort of dream-come-true moment. Now, Thundercat has had that pleasure, as he is apparently Flea’s favorite modern bass player.

That’s what RHCP bandmate Chad Smith said speaking with Apple Music’s Hanuman Welch recently. Smith was asked about getting Thundercat to join the Chili Peppers on their tour and he responded:

“Oh man, it was a no-brainer. We were so happy when he said yes, because like you said, he’s such a great musician. He can play in any setting. He’s so musical, he’s an amazing performer. His band is incredible, he’s got great songs, but a lot of people don’t know him as his own thing. I think it’s great to give him some exposure that he more than deserves. Obviously Flea loves him, we all do. But as a bass player, he’s like, ‘He’s my favorite bass player,’ [favorite] modern bass player right now. He’s just incredible. He gets the crowd going. He’ll play the most soulful funky Stevie Wonder kind of thing. He can do it all. The only complaint from me is he’s playing too short, but he’s awesome. Get there early if you can people, you will not be disappointed. Thundercat is the real deal.”

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