Foo Fighters Canceled A Gig Hours After Announcing It Because The Venue Refused To Comply With Covid Precautions

Like plenty of other artists right now, Foo Fighters are eager to get back on the road and start performing for fans again. Yes, that MSG show helped kick things off, and yes, the “Hanukkah Sessions” help entertain for those who still don’t feel comfortable at shows, but there’s still really nothing that holds a candle to the healing power of live music. Earlier today, the band announced a full slate of tour dates for 2022, which had fans more than excited for the comprehensive stops, but just hours after announcing one of those gigs already had to be canceled.

Sorry to the fans in Minneapolis, but the August 3 show at Huntington Bank Stadium has been canceled because the venue refused to comply with Covid-19 precautions. And considering the band themselves are at the most risk, to say nothing of a desire to keep their fans safe, the decision on the venue’s part really doesn’t sit right. The band posted about the change on their Twitter, and are looking to reschedule the show shortly. “Updates: Minneapolis, please see below – we hope to see you soon! Maryland/D.C., info on your show is coming shortly!” the band wrote on Twitter, along with a statement:

“Due to Huntington Bank Stadium’s refusal to agree to the band’s Cover safety measures, Foo Fighters are unable to perform at that venue. We apologize for any inconvenience and are working on finding a suitable replacement — one that will prioritize the health and safety of everyone working and attending the show.”

Hopefully another venue will step up so those who want to get that Foo experience, but good on the band for prioritizing fan and crew safety above all.