After Playing Coachella, Four Tet Was Humbled By His Daughter And Her ‘Deeply Unimpressed’ Friends

Four Tet (real name Kieran Hebden) supplemented Skrillex’s headlining set at HARD Summer last weekend, and the UK-bred DJ gushed about the experience on Instagram.

“We did HARD Summer. Made this track the day before. Shout out to @skrillex,” Hebden captioned an Instagram video of the crowd going wild to his and Skrillex’s new song. “I love all this bonkers stuff we get to do.”

Hebden closing out the second weekend of Coachella 2023 alongside Skrillex and Fred Again.. was also objectively bonkers, but don’t think for a second that the 45-year-old artist is letting it all go to his head.

“That concept was coming at me after Coachella — ‘He’s finally getting the success he deserves’ – but it didn’t really feel like that,” Hebden told The Guardian for a lengthy profile published on Friday, August 11. “I did Coachella, and the next gig was a three-and-a-half-hour set at my daughter’s 13th birthday party to 20 teenage girls, who I felt looked at me deeply unimpressed the whole time.”

Hebden’s endearing relationship with his daughter was also illustrated through this anecdote:

“And so it was, a fortnight before headlining Madison Square Garden with Fred Again.. and Skrillex on Valentine’s weekend, that Hebden asked his daughter, a devout Swiftie, to propose the most romantic Taylor Swift song he could remix. She sat beside him, half-interested, as he tracked down an a cappella version of ‘Love Story’ and programmed a fiendishly simple beat styled after ‘Romanian minimal techno.’

He premiered the remix to a warm reception at Times Square; at Madison Square Garden, with his daughter in tow, it brought down the house. ‘She ran up and her and Fred were dancing together,’ Hebden remembers, absent-mindedly placing a hand on his heart. ‘She knew I’d made it for her.'”

Read the full profile here.

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