Grimes Asks Fans To Stop ‘Harassing’ Her On TikTok Over Elon Musk: ‘I Am Not My BF’s Spokesperson’

Ever since Grimes began her romantic relationship with Tesla tech lord Elon Musk, fans have been puzzling over the connection. In the past, the singer has been very vocal about leftist views and socialists beliefs that some felt might conflict with Musk’s entire ethos. However, the pair are still going strong and now have a child together, so it doesn’t seem like the relationship is ending anytime soon. Apparently, fans have continued to pester Grimes about the actions off her baby’s father, particularly on TikTok where the artist has been active lately, previewing new music and such.

In a new, exasperated post on the platform, the singer and producer has now requested that her followers “stop harassing me” over her boyfriend. “Stop harassing me on this app over fake news and I am not my bf’s spokesperson 🌸🌸,” she wrote, captioning a video where she shared statements like “is he hot or is he out to destroy big oil,” while calmly petting a robotic-looking toy dog.


Stop harassing me on this app over fake news and I am not my bf’s spokesperson 🌸🌸

♬ Pretty young twearkalator – ✨yUh✨

Meanwhile, she’s also been dealing with more derogatory comments from Azealia Banks after the two musicians had a fairly public falling out a few years ago. Grimes said her latest song that she previewed on TikTok, “100% Tragedy” is about the situation, so at least she’s been using it for material.