Grimes Was So Starstruck To Meet George R.R. Martin She Introduced Herself As A Completely Different Pop Star

At this point, avant-garde indie-pop singer Grimes is becoming as well-known for her outlandish statements as she is for her music. The truly bewildering part is that nobody can tell whether or not she’s just trolling when she says things like the “earth is only 4,000 years old” or that she wants to surgically modify herself into a creature from a Guillermo Del Toro movie.

Her latest wild claim is about meeting her idol, Game Of Thrones author George R.R. Martin. She says that while she doesn’t normally get starstruck, she was so dumbfounded when she met him that she introduced herself as a completely different pop star. “I’m immune to most celebrities,” she wrote on Twitter. “but when I met George RR Martin I was so beside myself that when he asked my name I said ‘Gaga’. Unbelievably tragic fumble.”

As with most of her offbeat tweets, it’s unclear if she’s trolling and if she is, just who she is. Did she really call herself Lady Gaga? Was this some sort of elaborate revenge for his near-constant pump-faking about finishing his long-running series, A Song Of Ice And Fire? Or was she really such a big fan of the books that she temporarily forgot her stage name and offered the first one to share a letter with hers (the only reasonable explanation for such a strange error)? The answer is only truly known to Grimes, who for better or worse, at least offers plenty of entertainment value.