Grimes Just Lost ’80 Hours Worth Of Work’ Due To A Computer Problem

Grimes has a new album on the way; This past weekend, she revealed that it’s done and just in the mixing stages now. Speaking of music production, Grimes just hit a significant setback, revealing today (September 23) that she just lost “80 hours worth of work that cannot be recovered.” The silver lining, though, is that the lost work wasn’t her new album.

This morning, Grimes shared a photo of a home studio setup and tweeted, “My work realm is rly peak rn but my computer just ate about 80 hours worth of work that cannot be recovered RIP. I am depressed about this ngl.”

It’s not clear if “80 hours worth of work” means 80 hours of music or 80 hours of time spent working on the now-lost music.

Somebody suggested seeking help from a computer expert and Grimes replied, “Nah I’ve tried every angle – ableton had a saving issue it Couldn’t y save and I was trying to take bits of the file to new sessions and every session that got a piece of the original session also for cursed and couldnt save and then it all disappeared.” Somebody else commented, “we never gonna get these albums i’m done,” and Grimes responded, “No it was extra, album is done, it’s just if I make 2 more songs it’s a double album so that’s preferable but maybe it’s not destiny cuz I’m too tired.”

At the very least, Grimes still has her post-plastic-surgery recovery to look forward to.