Japanese Breakfast’s Hot Take On The Beatles Upset Many Music Lovers On Twitter

Next month, Michelle Zauner from Japanese Breakfast will head out on her first-ever book tour. “Crying In H Mart is finally out in paperback on March 28th,” she said in a statement, “and I’ll be heading out on my first book tour to celebrate! Very excited to roll up to your city for the first time with a tote bag and a book instead of a giant trailer of gear.”

In the meantime, she’s stirring the pot on Twitter by sharing hot takes about music.

Revolver is the Tusk of Beatles albums,” she wrote, talking about Fleetwood Mac’s polarizing 1979 album. After lots of reactions, she added, “I’m not saying either of these albums are bad! I’m saying if they’re your favorites you’re a contrarian and wrong.”

Despite receiving backlash in lots of impassioned quote-tweets and replies, the “Be Sweet” performer is standing her ground. Black Midi’s Geordie Greep, for example, replied, “Fair play but she is wrong as f*ck lol. Why does this sort of thing have to devolve into put downs and reductiveness lol. She’s talking about 2 masterpieces, who cares if they are better or worse than other obvious masterpieces. They are all brilliant, just in different ways.” To that, Zauner responded, “Aren’t you supposed to be interesting?”

Mark Ronson also chimed in, “She said she said > most songs throughout history.” Zauner replied, “You unfeeling snob you.”

Last year, Zauner was very excited when she was in a Jeopardy! answer: “Michelle Zauner writes about losing her Korean mother to cancer in her memoir Crying In this Asian grocery chain.” A contestant named Sadie Goldberger said, “What is H-Mart?” The musician responded to the milestone on social media with a simple sentiment: “I’m dead!!!!!!!”