Jenny Lewis, St. Vincent, And Other Musicians Chose Their Sides In Steve Albini’s Steely Dan Debate

Days after the producer Steve Albini started an online discourse about his thoughts on Steely Dan, tons of musicians have chosen their sides in the debate over whether they’re actually a good band.

“I will always be the kind of punk that sh*ts on Steely Dan,” Albini originally said in a Twitter thread earlier this week (February 6). “Christ the amount of human effort wasted to sound like an SNL band warm up.”

Some musicians that are currently, and intensely, pro-Steely Dan include Jenny Lewis and St. Vincent. Both expressed a similar sentiment: “I f*cking love Steely Dan.”

Actor Ben Stiller also backed this team, adding a simple “me too” to Lewis’ tweet. She went on to note that De La Soul were the ones who got her into the band, seemingly after they sampled Steely’s “Peg” for their 1989 song, “Eye Know.”

However, not everyone was as thrilled about Steely Dan as Jason Isbell weighed in about his wife being a staunch anti.

“My wife hates Steely Dan so much she’s starting a fan group called the Albini Babies,” he tweeted.

“Sir please pass on from me to your kind missus the highest appropriate compliment. She is a good woman. And now I’ll leave you be,” Albini replied to Isbell’s post.

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