Lord Huron Channel A Delusional Lover For A Late Night Performance Of ‘Mine Forever’

Earlier this year Lord Huron announced their new album, Long Lost with the lead single, “Mine Forever,” and now that the record is released, they took some time to call into The Late Late Show With James Corden for a live rendition of the track. Though it wasn’t technically their first new music of 2021, “Not Dead Yet” held that honor, it was the song that introduced the record, and is, according to Corden, one of his personal favorites on the album.

Band leader Ben Schneider told Corden some background on the song before the performance: “It’s kind of from the perspective of somebody who’s maybe got a little delusional about a relationship they had,” he explained. “And not really coming to terms with the fact that it’s over, and wanting to keep it alive forever in their mind. So it’s kind of a sad song but it’s got some jauntu guitars to it, to even that out.

Long Lost is the band’s first new record since their excellent 2018 release, Vide Noir, and if you’re into what you hear above, make sure to also check out the cowboy vibes on the album’s title track right here. For now, check out their live performance of “Mine Forever” above and tap into your own delusional lover.