Nilüfer Yanya Is A Colorful Rock Muse In Her New Video For ‘The Dealer’

In her newest music video for her song, “The Dealer,Nilüfer Yanya shows off her guitar chops. In the visual, Yanya is seen playing different color guitars corresponding to blue, red, and orange outfits. Lights of those same colors shine upon Yanya, as kaleidoscopic lenses capture every emotion on her face.

Toward the end of the video, Yanya is cleansed by rainfall, symbolizing a sense of rebirth.

“When I was writing this song I was thinking about the transient nature of life and the cyclical nature of the seasons,” Yanya said of the song in a statement. “I find it interesting how we attach certain memories and feelings to different seasons and tend to revisit them time and time again, yet our lives move in a more linear motion and even when we feel like we are going back we never really get to go back anywhere. Musically speaking it’s a bit more playful and relaxed.”

“The Dealer” comes from Yanya’s album, Painless, which she says is inspired by the discomfort that accompanies major life moments.

Of the album, Yanya said, “It’s a record about emotion. I think it’s more open about that in a way that [my first album] Miss Universe wasn’t, because [there are] so many cloaks and sleeves with the concept I built around it. I’m not as scared to admit my feelings.”

Check out “The Dealer” above.

Painless is out now via ATO Records. Get it here.