Here Is The Noah Kahan Merch Available At ‘We’ll All Be Here Forever Tour’

Noah Kahan launched a new North American leg of his We’ll All Be Here Forever Tour when he took the stage at Vancouver’s Rogers Arena last night (March 26).

With lots of dates still to go as he makes his way to major cities, fans who managed to secure tickets might also be curious about what the merch selection looks like.

Here’s what to know.

Here Is The Noah Kahan Merch Available At We’ll All Be Here Forever Tour

Kahan has a ton of merch options for fans at his 2024 tour, as seen in a video that was posted by the venue. The first of the T-shirts is tan and has a large floral design on the back, along with a lyric from “Homesick,” for $60. There’s a dark green “Stick Season” shirt, two different options of shirts with just the dates on the back, and two hoodies (brown and green) for $110. (It’s unclear if these prices will change outside of Canadian currency.)

Near the end of the video, there appears to be a blue sweatshirt, although it’s unclear how much this is. Kahan also seems to be selling CD and vinyl copies of his music.

In terms of accessories, there is a green trucker hat for $40. The tour poster this year is $50. He is also selling a colorful tote bag with his name on it for $30.

Below, find a complete video showing off Noah Kahan’s tour merch.