You Wouldn’t Want To Hear Unreleased Postal Service Demos, Ben Gibbard Insists: ‘I’m Telling You Guys, They’re Not Good!’

The Postal Service have a highly-anticipated reunion tour coming up this year, but don’t expect new music from the group. Ben Gibbard has rules out the possibility on multiple occasions (like this one and this one), and now he has yet again addressed the topic.

In a new NME interview, the Death Cab For Cutie leader said that he and Jimmy Tamborello tried to make more Postal Service material in 2007, but they found themselves unable to re-capture the lighting in a bottle that spawned their debut album. Gibbard explained that when it comes to the demos from that period, they’re… not great:

“That was put to bed long ago. I was cataloguing some old hard drives and came across some demos from 2007 when Jimmy and I were trying to make some new Postal Service songs. I’m telling you guys: they’re not good! I’m not being hard on myself, they’re just really not good. It just got to a point where it was this unique moment in time and I was young enough to have the hubris to think that I could write two records at the same time. I did so, and I can say, without too much self-aggrandizing, that they were both very successful. It was a unique and odd moment in time that can never be repeated.”

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