Before The Madonna Biopic Was Canceled, A Rising Indie Rocker Was Considered To Play The Pop Icon

Ozark favorite Julia Garner was set to play Madonna in a biopic about the pop legend. However, after Madonna decided to go on a world tour, the movie was canceled. Earlier in the casting process, though, it turns out that Snail Mail’s Lindsey Jordan was asked to audition for the starring role.

In a recent interview with Inked, Jordan spoke about her involvement in the upcoming movie I Saw The TV Glow, which also features Phoebe Bridgers, Fred Durst, and Sloppy Jane’s Haley Dahl. She explained, “They hit me up. The same week I got asked to audition to be Madonna in the bio flick. I mean, I didn’t get it, but it was still just weird. I was never asked to be in anything but that week, things came rolling in.”

She then spoke about the Madonna movie audition process, saying:

“I’m a huge Madonna fan. I had to come up with a dance routine based on one of her music videos — I had to look at what she was doing but not imitate it, but be inspired by it. She’s a dance legend. I watched a documentary. I was watching interviews with her. I was taking notes and I had to do three scenes. It was a good learning experience. I didn’t think I’d get the role, but if I didn’t work hard I’d feel bad for not giving it my all.”

Read the full interview here.

Madonna is a Warner Music artist. .