St. Vincent’s ‘All Born Screaming’ Artwork Was Deemed Insensitive & Poorly Timed By Some In Light Of Aaron Bushnell’s Death

Today (February 29), Annie Clark, better known as St. Vincent, announced her seventh studio album, All Born Screaming. While fans are elated over the fact that they’re finally getting new music from St. Vincent for the first time in three years, the announcement has not come without controversy.

The album cover features St. Vincent in flames — a creative choice which was revealed just days after former US Air Force serviceman Aaron Bushnell self-immolated in front of the Embassy Of Israel in Washington, D.C. in protest of the ongoing Gaza-Israeli conflict.

“there could not have been a worst time to release this cover art,” said one X user, after St. Vincent revealed the artwork.

The artwork was made before Bushnell’s death, however, the reveal comes at a rather inappropriate time.

“obviously not a deliberate Aaron Bushnell reference and she would’ve had this ready for ages but I’m veryyyyyy surprised she didn’t push this a week or two,” said another X user.

Though the general consensus is that the artwork reveal was poorly timed, many fans posit that there really wasn’t much St. Vincent could do.

“people on here/instagram complaining about the ‘timing’ as if waiting any amount of time will change what happened. can we be serious for a second. what are you accomplishing,” said one X user.

At the time of writing, St. Vincent herself hasn’t commented on the matter, some fans are hoping she will change the cover ahead All Born Screaming‘s April 26 release.

“i’ve known quite a few artists personally (big and small) who change their covers last minute for a variety of reasons,” said one fan. “they’ve even pulled production of physical copies to do so. it’s completely possible, so i’m shocked they moved forward with this.”

The album’s artwork comes from the video for the lead single, “Broken Man,” in which, St. Vincent burns into flames.