Tommy Lee Pulled Out His Wiener On Stage (But It’s Not As NSFW As It May Sound)

Perhaps more than any other private parts from an ’80s rock band member, Tommy Lee’s penis has been getting a lot of press lately. It was a focal point in Hulu’s Pam & Tommy earlier this year, so much so that Jason Mantzoukas voiced it. Then, towards the start of August, Lee just went ahead and shared a naked selfie, in which his penis was on full display. While the image was understandably removed from Instagram, it sort of made a return in the form of an artistic depiction.

Now, Lee is putting the focus on his other wiener.

On Saturday (August 27), Mötley Crüe performed at Inglewood, California’s SoFi Stadium and Lee re-explained the context of the penis situation. He then continued, “So I figured they took them down from Instagram, and you guys wanna see my wiener? You guys wanna see the sh*t? Is that a yeah? All right, let’s go. Let me show you my f*ckin’ wiener. You ready? There it is.”

At this point, he pulled a real live dachshund (aka a wiener dog) out of his shorts.

Lee previously explained how the photo found its way online, saying, “A couple of weeks ago, we had like a two-week break off the tour, and I went on a motherf*cking bender, bro… a bender. I got f*cking sideways as f*ck and got naked and posted pictures of my dick.”