Willow Said She Doesn’t Mind Being Called A ‘Nepo Baby’: ‘I Don’t Focus On How Other People Feel About Me’

Back in October, Willow released her fifth studio album, COPINGMECHANISM, and delivered a killer performance on Saturday Night Live. Earlier in the year, her Tyler Cole collaboration, “Meet Me At Our Spot” became a viral hit on TikTok, despite being released two years ago.

It’s safe to say it’s been a busy year for Willow, who has accomplished a lot in the realm of music, however, is often labeled as a “nepo baby.”

The term “nepo baby” (short for “nepotism”) is often used by art consumers to describe actors, musicians, and other notable entertainers who are believed to have received their platform by way of nepotism. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Willow, who is the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, was asked how she feels about the label.

“I don’t focus on how other people feel about me,” she said in response. “If you love me, amazing. If you hate me, fantastic. That’s none of my business. I was put on this planet to be someone who uplifts the lives of people with my art and my words and that’s it. That’s pretty much how I feel. Anyone can feel how they feel, and I don’t mind.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Willow revealed that she doesn’t care to be described as a “pop star.”

“I love doing weird sh*t that pushes the envelope and inspires people to perceive life and music and themselves in a grander, wider point of view,” she said. “That’s how I see myself. And sometimes a pop hook does that really well.”