2016 Is Officially The ‘Year That Soda Started Dying’ Thanks To Bottled Water


Soda has sort of a complicated history beyond if it should just be called “soda” or the odd sounding “soda pop” (or just “pop”), mostly because it has zero actual health value and is actually incredibly unhealthy. Back in the crazy 80’s, where purchases were fueled by slick television ads and coupons in the Sunday paper, we simply didn’t know any better and soda was everywhere. When I say everywhere, I mean everywhere, like I used to even bring a can of soda to bed with me and nobody thought that was weird (note: it was weird).

But, after years (and I do mean years) of re-education, society might actually be learning lessons about soda. According to GrubStreet, 2016 is primed to be the year that bottled water finally outsells soda after a steady decline in consumption, a 30-year low. Experts have been expecting the decline of soda as a bestseller, with recent predictions even pegging that 2017 might be the first year of “The Great Soda Decline.”

Of course, that prediction didn’t take into account stuff like tap water making headlines across the country thanks to lead contamination in places like Flint, Michigan, Newark, New Jersey and Washington D.C. It is believed that this is what pushed big water over the edge to finally defeat it’s insanely unhealthy foe in soda and perhaps when we all learned a valuable lesson. When we’ll learn lessons about wasting so many plastic bottles is another story for another day, though.

(Via GrubStreet)