This Photojournalist Is Hitting The Road To Give A Face To Homelessness In America

09.20.16 3 years ago

Justin Doering is a kid, fresh out of university, with an ambitious idea. For the last four years he set his sights on communications and journalism and now that he’s graduated, and (with some help from Kickstarter) he’s getting a chance to pursue said ambitious idea. For the next couple of months, Doering will loop the states and interview as many homeless people as he can find.

It’s no surprise that we found Doering to be a perfect fit for this week’s installment of The Mad Ones. The young man set his goals high, he’s learning with every passing day, and his van might breakdown at any moment — that’s our sweet spot. The potential downfalls to the task at hand aren’t worth harping on, because Doering has his sights set on something he genuinely believes in: he wants to give a face to our nation’s homeless population, and he wants to do each and every one of his subjects justice in the process.

It’s ambitious, but the ambition of youth is an undeniable force and Doering’s project is already helping homeless people of all backgrounds share their stories. We sat down with him during the early days of his trip.

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