7-Eleven Has Finally Entered The Canned Wine Game


Sometimes a 40oz just doesn’t fit with the vibe of your midday porch drinking meet up with friends or your pre-planned chardonnay-sipping stroll along the beach. Somedays you just gotta go wine… until you remember how much of a pain it can be, and you realize you don’t own a corkscrew or any wine glasses. Now you’re drinking wine out of a coffee-stained mug, while pieces of cork float around, tainting your drink.

This little mini conundrum (because it’s not that hard to buy a damn corkscrew) has given rise to the canned wine boom. And the canned wine boom has given rise to something no one really needed but seems relatively predictable: 7-Eleven getting into the wine game with their newly announced canned wine, Roamer. It’s wine on the go, so apt title, if not too on the nose. Roamer comes in two varieties, a Syrah-based rośe that is dry with hints of strawberry and raspberry for a crisp finish, and the oak-influenced Chardonnay which has tropical citrus notes.

“The name, Roamer, reflects how we think people will enjoy this new wine — while they’re out and attending concerts, picnics, or spending the day at the beach,” said 7-Eleven senior director of private brands Tim Cogil in a statement. “For wine-lovers bringing along their favorite beverage requires bringing a bottle, corkscrew, and glasses. Now, Roamer wine can share the ice chest with canned beer and soda with no additional wine paraphernalia needed.”

It’s great that 7-Eleven is doing what they do best — convenience — and while we don’t expect ‘wine-lovers’ will jump at the chance to drink wine from a can, more options for how to get buzzed is always a good thing.


Roamer isn’t 7-Eleven’s only foray into the wine world though, Yosemite Road, 7-Eleven’s more traditional wine label, will be celebrating its 10th anniversary next year and has been a 7-Eleven staple in both the American and Japanese markets. We’ll see if Roamer ends up being as big a hit. The canned wine is on sale at 7-Eleven now.