Not Even Winter Storm Jonas Could Stop This Guy’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

While many folks on the East Coast stayed indoors, trapped by winter storm Jonas’ wrath, one Brooklyn man had a very entrepreneurial idea. Patrick Horton saw dollar signs coming his way with Mother Nature’s help — and with her assistance, Horton took to his backyard to build a nice boutique igloo stay. With the general cost of living, Horton figured his igloo ought to be worth, oh…. $200 a night. Patrick told the NY Daily News that he felt inspired to create the space, with hopes that it might be a magical getaway for a tinder date, or something of the sort:

We figured someone might want to take their Tinder date there and would be willing to pay for it. How many girls could say that they were taken on a date in an urban igloo? Not many.

The space wasn’t built to be too big. In fact, it could hardly fit two people. It offered a nice luxurious view of his backyard, though:


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Unfortunately for Patrick, it didn’t take long for AirBnB to shut down his idea, but he hasn’t given up yet — he joked that he might put the room up on Craigslist, and maybe offer some nice mood music and a bottle of wine. More than that, he’s hoping his newfound fame will pay dividends:

(Via the NY Daily News)