Antonio Banderas Wants You To Wear More Capes

Antonio Banderas, the award-winning actor known for such iconic roles as the horny vampire in Interview with the Vampire, the horny cat in Shrek 2, and the horny contract killer in Assassins, is taking a break from the silver screen to pursue his true passion… making capes.

Banderas recently enrolled as a student at Central Saint Martins, one of England’s most prestigious design academies, to deepen his understanding of fashion design. While Banderas appears excited to learn all aspects of the industry, reviving the cape seems to be his top priority. (via

There is one garment that I love that was lost in menswear a long time ago, and I would like to experiment with it: the cape…There are all these varieties of capes. For example, in the time of Charles the Third in Spain, capes were an instrument to kill — and to cover yourself. People used to do this (makes Zorro move) and nobody would know who you were…You can experiment with colours, textures, you can do a number of things. And it is in a way so logical, coming from Zorro!

Some thoughts:

A. Every interview with Antonio Banderas should now include the phrase “makes Zorro move.”

B. I’m imagining the “Zorro move” with the cape would look a little something like this:


C. It is wonderful that he kinda-sorta believes he is actually Zorro.

D. I really, really want a cape now.

Sadly, it remains unclear when Banderas will unveil his line of fashionable capes, so, in the meantime, an eager world will have to comfort themselves with Dracula costumes when they want to make “Zorro noises” of their own. But with Antonio’s bold vision and a maybe-silly, probably-awesome post-apocalyptic Zorro reboot in development, it appears that the age of the cape will soon be at hand!*



*Which could lead to some new cape-wearing roles for Banderas!

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