Bartenders Tell Us The Worst Valentine’s Dates They’ve Ever Seen


For some people, Valentine’s Day is filled with heart-shaped candies, stuffed cupid dolls, chocolate, flowers, and an overload of romantic gestures. For others, it’s one of the most dreaded days of the year. While they sit front row for all the stomach-churning PDA, they’re forced to stare down another year of single existence. It can be… aggravating.

There’s a third group in this mix. Those bold souls who embrace their single-ness and celebrate the chance to meet people. That’s who we’re interested in today. The optimistic few who believe that February 14th is the perfect night for a first date. Because that’s a huge risk and deserves a shout out.

Alas — if you’re a member of this bold crew — be aware that bartenders don’t miss anything. They’ve seen your disastrous Valentine’s Day first dates and they told us all about them. Sorry in advance.