The Best Art Podcasts To Listen To Right Now

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best art podcasts right now


Updated: November 7th

The best art podcast is tough to define. In fact, art is tough to define. It can be a painting that tantalizes us, a propaganda poster that gets us to enlist in the military, a song that gets us through our run, the design on a metro station that gets us home, or even a word placed perfectly in a sentence that hits us just so. Art is a big word that means a lot of different things to just about everyone. So, picking the best art podcasts is a broad task.

Below are podcasts that look at art from every vantage point imaginable. There’s plenty of art history, storytelling, examination, and even actual art being made in these 26 awesome pods. Scroll through, find one that speaks to you, and give it a listen.

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The Modern Art Notes Podcast

The Modern Art Notes Podcast is the perfect place to start your art podcast journey. Host Tyler Green welcomes guests from all over the art world to chat for about an hour about the week’s chosen pieces. Green’s deep and loving dives into the world of art are the highwater mark for cultural podcasts.

There have been over 350 episodes so far with about 50 available for free on iTunes. We recommend jumping in anywhere as each episode tells a full story of a piece of art. It might be best to hop in at the most recent episode to get a taste for the show and go from there.

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