The Best Beers To Drink At An Outdoor Concert, According To Brewers

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If you’re anything like us, your summer has been full of days at the beach, camping in the woods, and as many outdoor concerts as you can possibly find the time (and money) to attend. Sure, we go to concerts during the cooler months of the year, but there’s just something special about sitting on a picnic blanket, sipping your favorite beer, listening as your most-beloved band shreds into the stratosphere.

Not just any beer will do, of course. You probably wouldn’t enjoy cracking open a rich, dark, milkshake-thicc porter or stout on a hot summer night. You need something that fits the occasion — that’s why we asked some of our favorite brewers to tell us their go-to beers to drink at an outdoor summer concert.

New Glarus Spotted Cow

John Stewart, general manager and director of brewing operations at Perrin Brewing Company

New Glarus Spotted Cow. Very light and easy-drinking — a go-to for all-day outdoor events like concerts.

Victory Summer Love

Bryan Selders, head brewing ambassador at Dogfish Head

Victory Summer Love is a flavorful and delicious way to take in some outside vibes and great music. Day or night the exciting hop character and mellow malt flavors are totally satisfying.

Pabst Blue Ribbon

Brian Morris, innovation brewer at Deep Ellum Brewing

If I’m at an outdoor concert, you’ll likely find me with a PBR in my hand screaming my lungs out to the lyrics.

Squatters Juicy IPA

Tim Matthews, head of brewing operations at Oskar Blues Brewery

Nothing helps me relax more than hops. Give me a couple of Juicy IPAs from Squatters and I’ll cruise through the night.

Lord Hobo Boom Sauce

Jason Santamaria, beer architect at Second Self Beer

I normally go for an IPA or Double IPA like Lord Hobo Boom Sauce for outdoor concerts. The grassiness of the hops is fitting and the higher ABV is an added plus so you don’t have to leave your seat too often to get a refill.


Joe Mashburn, head brewer at Night Shift Brewing

The last outdoor concert I went to was 95 degrees. I think I was drinking Heineken. I think something light that you’re not trying to analyze pairs the best with music you’re trying to pay attention to.

De La Senne Taras Boubla

Joe Connolly, director of Springdale Beer

De La Senne Taras Boubla. A ridiculous idea, as it may never actually happen, but a dry, spicy and refreshing, sub-5 percent ABV Belgian beer is something I could drink all day.

Sierra Nevada Kellerweiss

John Walker, head brewer and co-founder of Athletic Brewing Company

Sierra Nevada Kellerweiss is perfect for outdoor concerts. It’s super refreshing, lower in alcohol, has lots of yeast character, but it is not overdone.

Odell IPA

Kelly McKnight, pilot brewer at New Belgium Brewing

Odell IPA is my go-to beer at fests in Colorado. I love the hop combo and it’s 7% ABV is perfect for getting you into concert mode.

Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Rhett Dougherty, head brewer at Veza Sur Brewing

When I was younger, I was in a rock band and we had an opportunity to play at the beautiful Samuel Adams Boston Brewery campus. It was an unbelievable festival and every time I’m at an outdoor concert, I seek out a Boston Lager to remind me of that wonderful time.

Trumer Pils

Yiga Miyashiro, Director of Brewing Operations at Saint Archer Brewing Company

For myself, Trumer Pils would be one of my favorite outdoor concert beers. Light in body, a noble hop character that is both delicate and takes you by surprise. An added bonus, Trumer is brewed here in California, so you know it’s going to be fresh.

Founders All Day IPA

Matt McCall, brewmaster at Coney Island Brewing

Founders All Day IPA. At a concert, I want to have sessionable beers, without the concern of getting too tipsy. Not to mention it’s a great beer.