The Best Beers And Breweries In America, According To Indy Brewers

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The American Homebrewer’s Association just released their “2019 Best Beers In America” list. Why should any of us care? Well, because the AHA asked readers of Zymurgy magazine, which all AHA members are subscribed to, what they thought the best beers and breweries in the country are. And considering these are people who love beer so much they’ve decided to brew it in their own homes and read magazines dedicated to the art of making beer, we’re going to go ahead and trust their advice. (That, and the fact that several of the beers and breweries on this list overlap with our own expert coverage.)

Whether you’re all about finding beers perfect for summer or if you’re more of an experiential drinker and need a dope setting to amplify the experience, between us and this list, you’ll have all the best-tasting beers and breweries in the country dialed in.

Coming in on top of the AHA’s list is Bell’s Two Hearted Ale with their third consecutive win. “Receiving this honor once, twice even is incredible,” said Bell’s president and founder Larry Bell. “But a third time? I am speechless and incredibly thankful to the homebrewing community and everyone who has helped make this beer what it is today.” Check out the full list of beers and breweries below or head over to The American Homebrewer’s Association’s website to see the results broken up by state.