The Essential Bottles Of Rum For Mixing Up Summer Tiki Drinks

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Real talk: The best rum drinks are tiki drinks. Especially when getting drunk is the whole point. Various rums, citrus-forward fruit juices, and tropical spices combine to make high-alcohol drinks like the Zombie, Moonraker, and various rum punches. Some of these tiki drinks are so strong, smart bartenders limit you to only one, maybe two per drinking session.

The throughline in the wild, wooly world of tiki is rum: dark rum, spiced rum, white rum, rhum agricole, and even cachaça. You need to have a lot of rum on hand if you’re going to throw a tiki party with your crew. More importantly, you’ll need a lot of different rums to execute these drinks.

With that in mind, we thought we’d compile a list of ten essential bottles of rum you need to snag if you’re going tiki for your next party. These are the bottles that make tiki what it is. We’ve added one extra bottle of rum-based liqueur at the end, which is the ace-in-the-hole of any great tiki bartender.

Let’s dive in!