(Literally!) Dope Gifts For The CBD And Cannabis Enthusiast

A lot of people struggle with what to give the people they care about when the holidays arrive. It’s totally normal, and it’s why we tend to cling to any interests those cherished folks have ever expressed. Did dad go golfing once? Golf gifts forever. Did Cousin Janie buy a ceramic cow in ’88? ALL COW EVERYTHING. Given this gifting shortcut, it would be natural to give the weed smokers in your life things covered in marijuana leaves forever — stickers, cheesy shirts, etc.

That would be a mistake. There are plenty of cannabis and CBD gifts that are well made, useful, and not tacky as hell. Also, you can get them actual cannabis in an increasing number of states and territories. Check out the well-designed, stylish, tasteful weed-adjacent gifts highlighted below — plus some actual weed at the bottom of the page — and get ready to have your Christmas shopping done early!

24K Gold Rolling Papers from Shine

Made with the finest edible gold, these rolling papers have a hemp blend base that makes for a smooth burn. Obviously, the real selling point isn’t avoiding some canoeing on the joints that you roll. Nope. It’s that these are clear markers of luxurious excess, and isn’t that one of the things that makes a gift fun? Any weed enthusiast that is on the extra side will love these.

You can grab a two-pack for a relatively low price, but you can also opt for a six-sheet pack. If cones and blunts wraps are more your gift recipient’s speed, Shine makes those as well.

Cost: $20.00

Curl Pipe by Debbie Carlos

Handmade in Michigan by photographer and ceramicist Debbie Carlos, these unusual pipes are works of art. Each one is unique — with tiny imperfections and divots in the two-tone glaze — but all of them are conversation pieces that look cool even when they’re just chilling on a coffee table. If you are looking to gift a cannabis enthusiast who also gets stoked about aesthetics and vintage pottery, they will go nuts for one of these.

You can choose between a peach and a teal model with each featuring two complementary colors. They are also totally dishwasher safe, which your gift-receiving friend or family member will appreciate when resin builds up.

Cost: $65.00

Mighty Hitter Pipe by Elevate

These glass and wood pipes are sleek for sure, but they’re also unique because the wood tips are made with reclaimed skateboards. Made in collaboration with Mukee Designs, the pipes are excellent gifts for skaters and people who like one-of-a-kind gifts. Plus, they come in a large plastic case that is airtight, as well as water and childproof. You also get another small pop-top case for flowers, so it’s a very substantial gift for the cost.

The wood portions of these pipes vary depending on the piece of skateboard used, but you do get to pick the color of the glass. Your options are black, clear, and frosted. All of them are stylish and attractive, so it’s down to personal preference.

Cost: $49.00

12” Bong by Summerland

Summerland makes ceramic stonerware by hand in California. They use lead-free, food-safe glaze and ceramic, so the pieces are totally fine for regular use. The bongs also use a high-grade silicone grommet to make sure the recipient of these water pipes will enjoy hella clean hits and airtight carbs. Plus, the Land Yacht, a sleek double-chamber piece, is completely gorgeous. Stoners with a love of clean lines and surfaces will be delighted to receive this bong and proudly display it.

You can choose between glossy white, terra cotta, stone, and slate black finishes to match the décor of your gift recipient. We like the white, but you know best.

Cost: $225.00

Spoon Pipe by Marley Natural

Marley Natural is known for its accessories, body care products, and flower. As you might guess, they are also the official Bob Marley cannabis brand. We like them because their products are responsibly sourced and made with integrity. Their spoon pipe is crafted from hand-blown glass and refined black walnut. Its stellar construction means it will be super durable long-term. Plus, the rounded stem and heat resistant bowl make for smooth smoking. And it doesn’t hurt that it is beautifully designed.

One selling point of this pipe is that it’s fairly compact and features detachable parts. Anyone lucky enough to get one as a gift can take it with them when they travel or do outdoor activities.

Cost: $68.00

Four-Piece Grinder by Space Case

Space Case was established in 1998, and it quickly cemented itself as the original aluminum grinder crafted in the US. The owner is a machinist with an aerospace background, so the company contributed a lot of important grinder innovations and set the bar for high-quality production. If you want to get a grinder for someone you care about, this is the company you want to get it from.

We recommend the medium black titanium piece, which allows for the collection of pollen, but the company also makes two-piece grinders. Pick between large and small options, depending on how much bud you think people are grinding.

Cost: $100.99

Menorah by GRAV

If you are looking for a Hanukkah gift and you want one that is extremely on the nose, this water pipe is just the ticket. It boasts eight 10mm single-pinch bowls that your gift-recipient can load with their favorite flower. They all feed into one big bubbler chamber, but a person can’t really get them all going simultaneously unless they get seven people to help light. Otherwise, they can do one at a time and see if they can last for all eight. If they do, it’s a Hanukkah miracle.

This pipe is fun and a little gimmicky, but it’s also extremely well made, so rest assured it hits wonderfully. GRAV is on top of the game when it comes to glassware, making this a special gift for the festival of lights.

Cost: $399.00

Avocado Pipe by Empire Glassworks

If you’re shopping for an avocado lover or you want to make a slightly stale joke about Millennials, this handblown pipe is ideal. Unsurprisingly, it’s made by artisans in California. It even has a textured body that has the same feel as a real avocado. The rest of the hand pipe is smooth, including the bowl built into the seed. Not everyone is looking for a sleek pipe that evokes midcentury Danish design. Some people are all about fun, and those folks love a gift that’s a little tacky… like this one.

Obviously, avocados trigger strong feelings, so this might not be the right fit. Luckily, Empire Glassworks also makes donut pipes and ice cream cone ones that feature the same high quality and innate joy.

Cost: $75.00

CBD Hot Cocoa by The Brothers Apothecary

Named Chocodelic Trip, this beverage mix from The Brothers Apothecary is not just a tasty treat, it’s also a bit of a wellness product. With an adaptogenic blend of 10 synergistic mushrooms, it helps boost immunity, works as an anti-aging product, and contains a lot of antioxidants. And then there’s the Dutch cocoa and the 200mg of CBD per bag. It would make a great addition to a gift basket for someone who experiences pain or difficulty sleeping, as well as a person who is into CBD and natural foods. And don’t worry, it’s really tasty in addition to being good for you.

It’s really easy to make. Your gift recipient will simply need to mix boiling water with some of the powder. If they throw in a little butter or coconut oil, they can increase their strength as well. We also think a little peppermint schnapps would be good, but we like to go hard.

Cost: $15.00

Cannabis Odor Removing Set by Cannabolish

We admit that it may seem a little rude to give someone odor removal products, but that hasn’t stopped anyone from giving out perfume or scented candles or body wash. We not only think this gift won’t bother the legit cannabis enthusiast; we think it will make them happy. People who use weed know that it can leave things a bit skunky, and a lot of products that might help are full of heavy fragrances and chemicals. These, on the other hand, are made from totally natural plant oils and water, and they absorb and remove odors without masking them. Plus, they have a nice minty scent that’s very pleasant.

The set includes a home spray, a travel spray, and a candle. We think a full set makes the best gift, but you can purchase each individually if you just want one to add to a stocking or gift basket.

Cost: $29.99

Ganjaland Board Game by Lightly Toasted

Fans of weed and Candyland alike will enjoy this board game for 3-6 players. A lot of families bust out the games when they hang out during the holidays, and this is a stellar one for a group that also wants to puff, puff, pass while they move across the board. It doesn’t hurt that the game is fairly easy as well. Most cannabis enthusiasts agree that keeping track of complicated rules when baked is nearly impossible. Thankfully, Ganjaland is tons of fun without being confusing. And it’s really beautifully designed, giving players endless opportunities to just stare and stare at the board.

The makers of the game came up with a Spotify playlist, so be sure to tell your gift recipient about that. It has some inventive choices, which makes it a lot more fun than listening to weed clichés for hours.

Cost: $29.99

Silver And White Sapphire Fumette by Haute Smokes

Some people truly appreciate a nice piece of jewelry as a gift, but just because someone is a pot smoker doesn’t mean they want a marijuana leaf pendant. Instead, consider gifting this luxe joint holder made from sterling silver and studded with white sapphires. It has an e-coating that will help it remain beautiful and functional long-term. Consider gifting it with some rolling papers and some bud, so your loved one can take it for a spin right away. They will certainly appreciate the high quality as well as its chic aesthetic. But they’ll also like saying goodbye to burnt fingers and smoke in their eyes.

If you aren’t feeling silver and sapphire, Haute Smokes also makes ones in gold and ones with turquoise accents. The simpler designs are considerably easier on the old wallet.

Cost: $165.00

Cache Jars by Miron

There are a variety of ways to store cannabis, but these jars are the best. Made from UV-blocking glass and fitted with a lid made from BPA-free plastic, they are airtight. They keep flower fresh, which is important to people who don’t go through it super quickly. Plus, they don’t release any odor, making them great for transporting bud. We like that they each have a rewritable strain label for people who like to keep track of what they are working with or tell different parts of their stash apart. The Cannador company that sells these also sells packs that can be placed inside the jars to freshen weed or add moisture to it.

These are available in a one-ounce size as well as a smaller half-ounce one. They make great gifts, especially if you load them up with weed first.

Cost: $13.00-15.50

EDITOR’S PICK: Island Cannabis Minis

These Island joints are a hell of a concept — little minis that won’t get banged up in your pocket or lost or dropped or go stale. Just give a few puffs, trade a few puffs and they’re gone.

As a California surfer, Island shares my vibe — saturated and 70s-style surfy — which makes their products feel extra-cool to me. But it’s the quality of the product that matters and this brand is doing a very solid job. The minis will offer a nice, smooth high that will allow you to savor the natural world without getting paranoid or couch-locked.

Perfect for a beach day, and for a limited time you can buy Island’s special edition Holiday Mini’s which include a convenient to and from tag (exclusively at MedMen in stores and delivery). – Steve Bramucci

Buy it in stores or online

EDITOR’S SPLURGE: Lowell Herb Co — Home For The Holidays

The end of weed prohibition is here and there are a lot of weed brands racing to get started. Most are white-labeled brands that are grown somewhere else — often connected to celebrities. Many are good. A few taste stale or even dry. But only Lowell has delivered me an impeccable product every single time.

To put it simply, this is weed taken to a connoisseur level, and I’m 100% here for that. From the hipster packaging with matches in each box and magnetized child safety proofing to the organic farming techniques and the living wage paid to laborers — this is how the cannabis revolution looks at its best. This isn’t weed to inhale until your brain aches, it’s good stuff that you want to puff and taste and savor being stoned with.

This pre-roll tasting flight, if you can find it, is a joy for any smoker. And the packaging is both charming and deceptive… to keep people away from your stash and fool disapproving relatives. Wins all the way around! –Steve Bramucci

Buy it in stores or online