Our Favorite Cannabis Edibles For End Of Summer Snacking

A great stoner once said, “why smoke it, when you can eat it?” That stoner was me, just now. The popularity of edibles has skyrocketed since the start of the pandemic as an increasing number of stoners opt for edibles over flowers and concentrates. Since edibles have all of the anxiety-reducing, pain-alleviating, hunger-inducing, and euphoria-producing qualities found in a jar of fresh bud without any of the harmful effects of inhaling smoke into your lungs, they are by far the healthiest way to get a dose of THC into your bloodstream.

Thanks to our new lockdown lifestyles, we need to be courteous in a way we’ve never been before with the people we share a space with. Your non-pot-smoking roommates who previously used to never be home may now be with you the majority of the day, and they might not appreciate you making the entire building smell like Snoop’s tour bus. So instead of taking your huge glass-on-glass bong outside to toke up, why not just pop an edible from the comfort of your own room?

To help you figure out which edibles are worth your time (and money), we’ve compiled a list of all the edibles that we’ve been munching on this summer with a particular emphasis on gummies and hard candies. Why gummies and hard candies? Because it’s summer, and we don’t need a chocolate-y mess on our hands or a pastry that’s going to sweat in its packaging into an unappetizing state.

So let’s dive into our favorite Cannabis edibles for some end of summer snacking!

Deli Nickels Gummy Rounds


THC Content: 100mg (5mg per gummy)
Price: $15

One of the major drawbacks of gummy edibles is that while they look almost identical to their non-THC containing counterparts, meaning you can’t exactly kill a handful of gummies as you would with a normal pack of candy. If you do, you’ll get way too high. But not being able to indulge your sweet tooth just doesn’t feel right when you’re dealing with candy, which is why we’ve really been digging California dispensary Caliva’s Deli Nickels Gummy Rounds. At just 5mg of THC per gummy, Deli Nickels feature a mild enough dose that they’re great for beginners. At 20 gummies per pack, they’re weak enough that experienced smokers can pop a handful of three to five and enjoy the best experience the candy and cannabis worlds have to offer.

The gummies resemble sugar encrusted coins — we’ll let you guess which coin — and come in your choice of Passionfruit, Mango, Sour Green Apple, and Mixed Berry. We highly recommend the Mixed Berry as the best of the bunch!

Kiva Blackberry Dark Chocolate


THC: 100 mg (5 mg per serving)
Price: $10-$20

We know we said we’d be focusing on gummies for this list, but we had to throw a bar-shaped bone out there for all you chocolate lovers. We included KIVA’s chocolate bars on our CBD roundup but where this brand really shines is in its THC bars. The full line consists of nine different flavors which include Toffee Crunch, Churro Milk Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip, Dark Chocolate, Raspberries and Cream, Espresso, Blackberry Dark Chocolate, regular Dark Chocolate, and Milk Chocolate. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of those choices. But if we had to choose just one, we’re going with the Blackberry Dark Chocolate every time.

The Blackberry Dark Chocolate bar has 54 percent dark chocolate infused with bright and rich berry flavors resulting in a harmonious explosion across your palate that will have you feeling stoned before you start to feel the effects of the full spectrum high.

MOXIE Pineapple Express Cannabis Infused Gummies


THC: 100 mg (10 mg per serving)
CBD 1mg
Price: $20

No, this is not the same MOXIE that makes that odd-tasting old fashioned cola — we checked. This MOXIE is a pretty well-known brand in the cannabis space. They produce flowers, mints, lozenges, and our favorite product Cannabis-Infused gummies. Made using the Sativa strain of the same name, what makes MOXIE’s Pineapple Express gummies so good is the fact that they are water-soluble, which should lead to faster absorption and therefore, faster effects. Anyone who is familiar with edibles knows the pain of waiting for the magic to kick in, MOXIE speeds that process up a bit and tastes good in the process. What more can you ask for?

Mindy’s Edibles Fruit Chews/Gummies


THC:100mg (2-5mg per serving depending on tin size)
Price: $18

Mindy’s edibles come from the mind of James Beard award-winning chef Mindy Segal. Mindy’s Edibles are serious business. As you chew through the gummies, fruit chews, hard sweets, or chocolates she crafts, you’ll seriously start to question whether or not you’re even eating cannabis. We recommend the Gummies only because they’re by far the easiest to find. But if you can get your hands on a fruit chew, don’t hesitate!

As you’d expect from a James Beard level chef, Mindy’s edibles come in fancy flavor names like Glazed Clementine Orange, Lush Black Cherry, and Cool Keylime Kiwi, providing a sensory experience that pairs a little too well with your heightened senses. When the high does come on, you will be tempted to eat more. Not for increased effects but because they’re so tasty.

Atlas Edibles Nimbus Dark Chocolate/ Pecan and Hazelnut


THC: 80mg (10mg per serving)
Price: $20

We couldn’t resist the chance to recommend just one more non-gummy snack on this roundup. We had to pick these Nimbus dark chocolate and pecan hazelnut cannabis-infused granola clusters. Made using a hybrid strain, Nimbus’ small granola clusters offer all the uploading effects of Sativa and the calming and relaxing properties of Indica, striking a perfect balance between stress relief and feelings of (sometimes) intense euphoria.

The only thing we don’t love about this brand is that the clusters come 8 to a bag, you’re going to be left wanting more. Every. Time. If hybrids or Dark Chocolate Pecan isn’t your thing, Atlas also makes an Indica infused Mexican chocolate and a straight Sativa with cashew and cayenne.

Stiiizy BIIIT Sour Straws


THC:: 100 mg (10mg per serving)
Price: $20

If sour candy is your jam, you can’t go wrong with Stiizy’s Sour Straws. They resemble chopped Sour Punch Straws but are better in every way. Instead of causing a headache a half-hour after eating them, these babies get you high. Stiizy makes their sour straws in Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Strawberry, and an assorted pack with all three. It really does pull you straight back into any nostalgia you might have about hitting up the corner store for some candy in your youth.

Heavenly Sweet Sriracha Crackers

THC: 100mg (10mg per serving)
Price: $14.99

If the chocolate bars, granola, and gummies on this list just aren’t scratching your edible cannabis itch, we’ve got one last option for you. Heavenly Sweet’s Sriracha Crackers are one of those edibles that suffers from the fact that it’s an edible responsible for delivering THC into your system, and not just a fun snack that you can grab a handful of. Heavenly Sweet’s crackers are like Cheez-Its … only they’re actually good. You’ll be absolutely tempted to throw a handful in your mouth, chomp away, and call it a day. Please, do not do that, no matter how hard it is to just have one.

Pro tip: keep this out of the pantry, away from the actual Cheez-its in order to avoid a lost day (like I might’ve) that’ll leave you feeling nauseous, confused, and make the room spin. In the event that you do go too hard on these, remember (as is the case with all edibles) the experience will pass. Just drink water and try to relax.