The Best Canned Wines You Can Drink Right Now

Alloy/Union/Infinite Monkey Theorem/Uproxx

Canned wine has come a long way since its invention (probably?) by Frank Reynolds on an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia way back in 2009. In the episode, Frank (played by the always hilarious Danny Devito), ever the innovator, decided to put red wine in soda cans so that nobody would know that he’s walking around all day with an open container.

It might not have anything to do with Frank (they’ve been putting wine in cans in Europe for decades), but the idea definitely caught on with wineries in America. Over the past few years, scores of wineries have begun selling their wine in cans (some only sell their wine in cans). It makes perfect sense as the world of craft beer has fully embraced cans and stocking a cooler with wine and beer cans is a lot easier than trying to stuff a box of Franzia on top of everything. The best part? Many of these canned wines are really good (plus the artwork is pretty great too).

We’ve included some of our favorites below: