These Cities Are The Most Popular Fall Destinations Around The Globe

Fall is a cheap time to travel. Maybe the cheapest. Discounts abound for flights and hotels around the world — making booking an adventure hard to say no to. Fall is also a great time to check out the corners of the world where summer means immense crowds and/or intense summer heat. In autumn, the crowds are smaller and the weather is much more tenable.

American Express Travel weighed in on the best travel spots for fall by identifying the places around the globe that see a spike in interest and bookings come this season. They found eight destinations around the world that are as varied as they are spectacular. So we cobbled together a visual tour — which will hopefully inspire you to take that leap and book a ticket somewhere new.

Let’s dive into all the food, adventure, and discovery that awaits us this fall around the world.

Beirut, Lebanon

The Middle East often falls off people’s radars for travel these days. That’s unfortunate. Beirut is a gorgeous city on the sea with a killer bar scene, fantastic food, and an overall chill. Check out the Gemmayzeh neighborhood. It’s full of street artists, unique cafes, great restaurants, and hidden cocktail bars.

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Tel Aviv, Israel

Another Middle Eastern hot spot made this list this year. Tel Aviv is a cosmopolis on the sea that’s teeming with amazing food (falafel stalls anyone?), a killer bar scene, and some seriously amazing art on the streets and in the galleries. Go bar hopping down Ben Yehuda Street or stroll through the UNESCO protected Bauhaus neighborhoods.

Or just spend the day on the beach enjoying the sun, sea, and a few cocktails.

Casablanca, Morocco

Casablanca elicits a sense of being far away and a little mystical — a destination where adventure awaits around every corner. The seaside city offers the weary traveler an escape into a world where Art-deco meets Moorish architecture from a bygone era. The narrow streets and alleys fill the air with smells of spice-laden kitchens and tea houses percolating with a strong brew. Add in a layer of hash smoke wafting through the atmosphere and you’re starting to get an idea of the greatness that is Casablanca’s cafes, riads (house with an interior garden), and alleys.

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Nairobi, Kenya

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The Kenyan capital is a sprawling metropolis that shines brightly on the African prairies. Downtown Nairobi is a bustling city center. The outer suburbs of the city offer huge parks and forests with quiet neighborhoods peppered with classic cafes, dope bars, and delicious restaurants. Spend some time up in Runda to get a feel of the slower pace of the city.

This is a great city to luxuriate in after a few weeks on fall safari.

London, UK

London remains a solid and classic choice for the autumn traveler. The city is another sprawling metropolis that has a neighborhood and vibe for every visitor. Drop into the über-hip Shoreditch for some of the hippest bars, galleries, cafes, and restaurants outside of Brooklyn. Check out Notting Hill for some classic, high end London vibes. Or kick it in Newham, London’s most diverse borough.

Paris, France

Paris is another perennial classic destination that keeps getting more and more popular. It’s not hard to see why. The city is full classic spots from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre to an iconic bar scene to some of the best food in the world. Grab a baguette, a wheel of stinky cheese, and a bottle of Burgundy and head to park and watch the leaves turn.

Later, wander around until you find a nice brasserie for a late supper. You won’t be disappointed.


Belize is a traveler’s paradise. You can easily chill on a beach all day if that’s your jam. Or hit up a resort and get a little pampering in while you unwind from the grind of daily life. Or spend time exploring the jungles and Mayan ruins that dot the countryside. There’s a lot to offer for a country this small.

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Mazatlan, Mexico

About half way down Mexico’s Pacific coast you’ll find the old-school tourist mecca of Mazatlan. The beaches are picturesque. The food is fabulous. And the atmosphere beckons you to take your time and relax. It’s no surprise that this classic destination is making a comeback. Don’t forget to eat plenty of ceviche and wash it down with a great Mexican lager while you lounge on a beach watching the world go by.