Discounted Fitness And Health Apps To Keep You Strong And Sane During A Quarantine

By now you’ve probably come to the conclusion that being in self-isolation can be kinda fun (Netflix! Sleep! Daytime sex!) and kinda sucky (No one to hear your insightful takes on the Joe Budden-Jay Electronica beef!). Truth is, while the idea of laying around all day and eating all the snacks that you thought were “essentialssounds like a blast, it can get old. That’s why for the next two weeks (longer if this quarantine doesn’t work as well as everyone is hoping) you should do some good for your body and start working out from home.

Whether you’re bored with nothing to do or just really miss your daily gym time, a home workout offers stress-relieving benefits and keeps your body strong. Since the gym is out of the question, it may feel like you have no structure, motivation, or guidance for how to optimize your daily workout. Gym and workout apps like what Planet Fitness, CorePower Yoga, ClassPass and Peloton are adopting good social distancing and will now be offering workouts or trials completely free online. In times of economic uncertainty (and with the direct ties between mental and physical health), we need more of that.

If you have some money to burn we’ve also listed several subscription-based workout services to keep you moving and active during our collective quarantine.

PART I — Free Apps

Active by POPSUGAR

POPSUGAR’s Active app has launched weeks early and will be entirely free as we deal with the coronavirus quarantine. Active will host hundreds of workouts from celebrity trainers and fitness experts and will help you set up multi-week fitness plans to map out your entire quarantine.

ClassPass — ClassPass includes plenty of mind-body, cardio and strength-focused workouts that’ll turn your living room into a gym. Those working at home will appreciate ClassPass’ express classes, for a quick workout to refresh the mind.

ClassPass offers new customers a free trial.

CorePower Yoga — CorePower’s on-demand service is now offering exercise and wellness classes for free. Subscribers to CorePower have access to classes like C1, C2, Sculpt, HPF, and meditation classes in your choice of 5, 20, 30, or 60-minute workouts.

Honestly, with the way things are going right now, we can all use some meditation.

Down Dog

Down Dog, the best-named yoga app ever is offering free access to their fast library of over 60,000 different yoga poses targeted for beginners, intermediates, and yoga masters alike.

Gold’s AMP

Gold’s Gym has its own at-home fitness app called Gold’s AMP and from now until May 31st it’s completely free. The app boasts over 600 different indoor and outdoor workouts that help you work your core, build up strength, or find some solace in meditation. Today’s Gold’s will also be launching an on-demand streamable workouts.

Nike Training Club

Toss on a pair of your favorite kicks and take part in over 200 workouts led by Nike Master Trainers. Whether you want to stream studio-style experiences, or just want a great way to stay on top of your at-home workout game, the Nike Training Club has it all and for free.

Peloton — Remember Peloton Girl? Simpler times, amirite?

If you don’t have the money to spend on a two grand stationary bike, you might have enough money for a Peloton. But if you don’t have one of those either, the Peloton app will still have plenty of yoga and strength training exercised to help you beef up during the quarantine, and due to the coronavirus the Peleton app will be offering a free 90-day trial.

Planet Fitness — Thank God Planet Fitness is closed — I’ve personally been to that gym enough times to know that the people who frequent it don’t wipe equipment down. In the age of the coronavirus? That’s not going to fly. Luckily, Planet Fitness is offering members and non-members the chance to take part in the free in-home workouts, live-streamed daily with surprise celebrity guests and Planet Fitness trainers.

To take part, or watch an archived workout, visit Planet Fitness’ Facebook page.

Tone It Up

Tone It Up offers various workouts, nutrition plans, and community interaction, with workouts demonstrated and curated by fitness trainers Karena and Katrina. Due to the coronavirus, they’ve made all the programs on their app completely free for 30 days — get on that!

PART II — Paid Apps


24 Hour Fitness has their own personalized workout app — 24GO — that offers over 2,000 workouts as well as audio coaching if you don’t want to look at a screen. The best features include a personalized fitness plan that allows you to set up a calendar of goals and workout routines. Set up a fifteen-day quarantine workout plan and maybe you come out of this whole thing looking like your best self.

24 Hour Fitness offers a three-day free trial for new signups.

Centr — If you want to work out like a superhero, Centr is the app for you. Created by Chris Hemsworth, this fitness app offers 20 or 40-minute high-intensity interval training exercises, as well as yoga, mixed martial arts, and meal plans to help maximize your gains.

Prices being at $29.99 a month.

Equinox — If you don’t know how the hell you’re going to get through the coronavirus quarantine without your beloved SoulCycle, well, prepare to flip out because you won’t have to. Equinox has just launched its very own virtual fitness platform, Variis, for some select members, as well as introduced pre-orders for the highly anticipated at home SoulCycle bike.

Yes, you can SoulCycle at home — for just over $2,000 grand plus a $40 Variis subscription. It’s not the cheapest deal, but if you were hitting up Equinox in your previous life, you already know that.

NEOU — Workout with everyone in the family (or the apartment) with NEOU, which hosts thousands of live or on-demand workout classes with top trainers, as well as 10 to 20-minute group workouts. Whether you’re into dance or more Bootcamp-centered offerings, NEOU has it all.

Join NEOU for $14.99 a month.


Playbook is a fitness app created by fitness trainers that offer all sorts of tips, advice, and guidance for those working out in an at-home setting. The app is free to download but includes in-app-purchases that’ll help you reach new levels of your training regimen. Or, you could keep it free by adding some variety to your workout routine. Each fitness trainer has their own channel where they will offer real-time workouts and a personalized twist to the experience that brings a little slice of the gym into your home.

Famous trainers on the platform include Don Saladino, who has trained Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Blake Lively, and Magnus Lygdback who has trained Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck, And Dua Lipa, all with workouts aimed at being done in your home.

The Sculpt Society — Learn a simplified version of former Brooklyn Nets dancer Megan Roup’s cardio dance and sculpting methods. With access to the sculpt society, Megan will get you in shape with five to 50-minute workouts all equipment free.

The Sculpt Society membership begins at $20 a month and offers a free trial for new members.