Your Instagram Feed Needs These ‘Food Influencers’ In The Mix ASAP

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We live in the world of the influencer. And, let’s be clear, that’s not a “and we’re all worse because of it” situation. At least not for us. Influencers bypass classic gatekeepers of culture to bring you life in its rawest forms, its most polished forms, and everything in between. People of every walk of life can now show you their world and actually make a living doing just that. It’s hard to see a downside there.

Besides, you curmudgeons, an “influencer” is certainly no faker or more overly glossed than your favorite food or travel magazines. You think a woman snapping photos of her sandwich in her apartment in Brooklyn is more produced than the media brand digitally removing individual pixels from photos of a similar sandwich in a Midtown office? Get out of here.

To help you fill your feed with the best food influencers out there, we decided to highlight some of our favorites. There are two big caveats here. We’re not including any professional chefs. Do these influencers cook? Sure. But they’re not Roy Choi, Sean Sherman, or April Bloomfield. We’re also not including any publications. The 12 influencers below are mostly-ordinary people who love food, travel for food, make food, and want you to love it as much as they do.

Following these accounts will enliven your feed and, hopefully, inspire you to new culinary heights.

I-COLLECTIVE — 1,866 followers

I-Collective is a consortium of Indigenous artists, thinkers, conservationists, and chefs. The images tell stories of a group of young, Indigenous folks travels around North America cooking, foraging, hunting, and seed gathering (for preservation) all in the name of bringing back the awareness of Indigenous foodways of the Americas. The food they’re making (and posting) is stunning, unique, and purely American — making I-Collective a must-follow feed for any “American” food lovers.

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