DJ Nala Shares Her Complete Guide To The Best Los Angeles Restaurants

Ahh, Los Angeles, California…recognized for its blissful beaches, overpriced drinks, star-studded red carpet events, iconic tourist attractions, championship sports teams…well, you get the point. Of course, we can’t forget to mention LA’s impressive and eclectic food scene.

One Los Angeles local who’s passionate about the city’s food offerings is music producer and DJ, Nala. When she’s not touring from coast to coast and performing at music festivals, the multi-talent stays busy dining out in LA’s trendiest neighborhoods, as well as its lesser-known nooks. And while she’s not technically from LA, she’s a dedicated transplant — as can be seen in her latest music video, which was filmed in the streets of LA.

To help you plan your next bomb meal in LA, Nala is sharing her ultimate food guide to the city’s best restaurants (and a few that you probably haven’t heard of). Read on for her best recommendations.


Best Tacos and Mulitas: Taco Zone

This food truck is cash only and has the best tacos and mulitas in L.A. The locals know that when it comes to no-frills tacos, Taco Zone is the spot to go to. I always order the al pastor mulitas. Their green sauce adds the perfect kick. It’s only open at night and is the perfect place to hit after a night out on the east side.

Also, the price point is amazing. Tacos cost $1.50 and mulitas are $2!

Best Omakase: The Sushi Bar

This non-traditional omakase features really great takes on traditional nigiri pieces. There are two reasons I enjoy The Sushi Bar: the flavor profiles are unique and it’s a great price point ($140). Personally, unless an omakase restaurant is featuring rare fish or pieces that were caught within 24 hours, I don’t see the point in indulging in an omakase experience. There are a lot of places that offer omakase in L.A. that don’t provide a special or worthwhile experience, and it can be a waste of money.

This makes The Sushi Bar’s solution to this issue all the greater. You get a meal that isn’t being replicated anywhere else.

Best Breakfast: Little Dom’s

I’ve been coming to Little Dom’s for their blueberry ricotta pancakes, bacon, and breakfast potatoes for years. Their pancakes are so good I’ve attempted to recreate them at home, but it’s never the same. Also notable, their breakfast potatoes have a hint of vinegar that gives their crispiness the perfect kick. I

usually pair my breakfast with their fresh-pressed orange juice.

Best Chinese: Bistro Nas

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I know it’s probably a bit cliche to pick a Michelin-starred restaurant as my top Chinese choice, but my experience at Bistro Nas was so delightful. Aside from nailing the flavor profiles, I also noticed it didn’t leave me feeling bloated or heavy. My favorite items were Na’s Spicy Chicken, the braised pork belly, and the crispy shrimp. The braised pork belly was so tender, it nearly melted in my mouth.

This is a pricier food experience, but I personally believe it’s worth every cent.

Best Pizza: Desano Pizza

I’m in love with the lasagna pizza at Desano’s. It’s made with meatballs, four cheeses, garlic, and San Marzano tomatoes. When it comes to tomato sauce, San Marzano tomatoes are the best you can get. They’re sweet, have rich flavor and mild acidity. The crust is also made fresh and it’s definitely noticeable. I typically don’t like pizza crust due to its usually stale, dry texture. Desano crust doesn’t encounter this issue.

Additionally, they offer ricotta-filled pizza crust if you’re looking to make your experience even more exciting.

Best Lunch Spot: Destroyer

I’m not entirely sure what the cuisine at Destroyer qualifies as. A quick search online says Scandinavian-inspired, which makes sense. It gives Lord of the Rings energy with its stone bowls and unique presentations. I personally loved the beef tartare and spelt porridge. I haven’t had anything like this before, which is probably why I’m so drawn to it.

It’s located in Culver City and is only open for breakfast and lunch.

Best Peking Duck: Duck House

Duck House is my favorite Peking duck in L.A. and the best you’ll find in the city. For $60, you get the main Peking duck dish plus a duck soup and duck salad. It’s a great deal. Make sure you call in advance as they do run out.

Best Pre-Fixed Tasting Menu: Grandmaster Recorders

I got to explore the new Grandmaster Recorders restaurant last month. The menu includes unique takes on Italian dishes. The majority of the staff and owners are Australian, which explains the fusion aspect of the menu. The service was also incredibly kind and attentive. There are lots of great options on the menu which makes it hard to pick, but no worries — they have a pre-fixe tasting menu if you’re indecisive.

Note: It is FILLING. Come hungry.

Best Sushi: Bar Uerukamu

I’ve never had fresher sushi pieces in my life! I had the unique experience of ordering toro that was caught the night before in Japan and arrived that morning. It’s hard to describe how noticeably fresh it was. It really put my sushi experiences into perspective. Bar Uerukamu is small and hidden in a strip mall plaza in the valley. They don’t serve truffles or spicy tuna. They have an expansive sake menu. I recommend sitting at the bar and talking to the head chef. He can recommend the best pieces that day.

Best Breakfast Burrito: Wake & Late

There is no better breakfast burrito in L.A. than Wake & Late. I attribute their success to their crispy tater tots, melted cheese, and cilantro sauce. ” The Bacon” — the best burrito on the menu — includes eggs, cotija, cheddar cheese, avocado, tater tots, bacon, and a side of cilantro sauce. It’s crispy, fresh, and the perfect size, so you don’t feel bloated and nothing goes to waste.

The owners and staff are also very kind.