The Best Food Movies On Netflix Right Now

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Last Updated: June 7th

Some things are elemental to the human experience, none more so than eating. We celebrate food, we fear what’s inside it, and we linger on the emotions it can unleash inside us through smell and flavor. Being central to our existence, it’s no surprise that food’s been a part of movies from the very beginning, on screen and off, to the point where most of us associate the smell of popcorn and the fizz of a soda with hitting the theaters.

To celebrate that connection, we’ve dug out the 10 best food movies on Netflix right now. Whether they’re B-movies to watch with friends, dramas to make you think about how food connects us, or comedies about what we eat fighting back, here are the best food flicks for you to feast on.

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Julie & Julia (1992)

Run Time: 118 min | IMDb: 7/10

Even if the only thing you’re skilled at in the kitchen is pushing buttons on the microwave, you know who Julia Child is. The funny, charismatic, often eccentric TV chef made her mark in the culinary world by bringing French cuisine to American homes in the early 60s. This film, which pairs Child’s early cooking career with a struggling blogger’s determination to cook all the recipes from Child’s first book, not only sheds light on how revolutionary the chef was, but how her attitude, towards cooking and life, can still inspire people. Meryl Streep literally transforms into the role of Child and Amy Adams brings a modern, earnest lens through which we view the famous star. Oh, and if you ever failed at cooking scrambled eggs or steaming lobsters, you’ll find this culinary journey very relatable.


Okja (2017)

Run Time: 120 min | IMDb: 7.4/10

This potent satire of animal rights, the food system, and corporate farming follows a young girl (Ahn Seo-hyun) as she rescues the titular Okja, a “super pig,” in a movie that threads the needle between thriller, serious political polemic, and the enduring story of “kid and her animal buddy” we all know and love. It’s sometimes an odd mix, and the storybook touches, like Tilda Swinton playing twins, can sometimes fit oddly next to the adventures of a kid and her giant cuddly pig, but it adds up to a superb food movie.

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